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Business Mentoring

There’s no one-size-fits-all for most things in life, so why would your pathway to a clear, courageous, and more confident you be any different?

Amy understands that everyone learns and grows at their own rate and wants to ensure each and every one of her clients is set up in a safe space to succeed. Because of this, she offers a variety of coaching options to best fit you and your goals!

Online Marketing and Branding

Just like you have your specialty, we have ours. Whether you’re a physical therapist, dentist, doctor, or one of the dozens of other health-related professionals, Nufire knows what it takes to put together marketing that will bring patients to your doors.

We have extensive experience working with medical professionals, so we understand your unique challenges. When people have seemingly endless options for their care, it’s important that you stand out.

Intentional Storytelling

The power of your personal stories can be used to educate, engage, entertain, and invite others into your experiences. Your Voice helps you not only identify the impact moments that become a part of your own personal mental memoir but how to formulate your words, the emotions behind them, in order to deliver your intended influence and results.

No matter what your intended outcome, Your Voice Masterclass will guide you through the imperfection that is life to inspirational empowerment.

Amy Nubson, Business Mentor

Amy created a process to help her get through this challenging time. She crafted the words and stories from the experience this process she created as she navigated her life after a life-changing event that almost caused her to lose everything. As she worked through her own healing journey as life threw one curveball after another, Amy’s voice began to develop and be heard. The stories that were always there, just waiting to be told and Amy seized the moment. The process sparked the creation of Rebrand You an eight-week program that focuses on Clarity, Courage, and Confidence. Based on her journey of self-discovery to find her inner voice.

Amy found the courage she needed to take action in her life again, found her voice, and is passionate to work with others to find their own courage to develop their voice.

Nufire Collective

Avery Nubson, Art Director

Avery’s vision for design and marketing drives him daily to provide the best visual designs possible. He loves the problem-solving part of marketing and excels in bringing online campaigns to life. With over 15 years of design, web development and SEO experience he’ll take your project up to 11.

Because of an auto accident back in 2014 when he was unable to find adequate care, he devoted his marketing expertise to building online medical marketing systems. While in pain every day since, he doesn’t let that stop his mission of making it possible for other people suffering in pain to find accessible care online.

In his spare time, he plays and designs gamer board games, downhill skis, and draws intricate zen-style pen drawings.

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