Co-owners of Apex Physical therapy, Brooke and Kameron came to us to improve their search engine results.

Their primary objective was to enhance their online visibility, amplify website traffic, increase patient bookings, and streamline advertising expenses, seeking our expertise and trusting us with their business aspirations.

This symbiotic partnership with Nufire Marketing resulted in increased patient bookings, increased staff and more locations for Apex Physical Therapy & Wellness.

Projects Included:

Content Writing, Brochure Writing, Radio Ads, Website Design, Blogging, SEO, Logo Design, Print Marketing Design, Illustration, Photography, Videography & Video Editing

Located In: West Fargo, Fargo, Jamestown, LaMoure North Dakota
Number of Locations: 6
Number of Staff: 50+

Specializes In: Treating Men and Women in all areas of Physical Therapy, Pelvic Health, Pregnancy, Orthopedic Therapy, Neuropathic Therapy and Massage Therapy

Content Produced: 6-8 New Articles a month, SM posts and Video Posts
Channels: Website, Facebook, Instagram, Local TV Spots and Radio Ads

Steady and Rapid Website Traffic Growth

The collaborative efforts with Nufire Marketing facilitated exponential growth for Apex since February 2019, leading to expanded operations and hiring new staff across various roles. Despite occasional fluctuations in traffic, strategic adjustments during less active periods, such as August, allowed a deeper understanding of traffic trends and adaptations in strategy. 

Driving Content and Engagement

A primary focus on creating popular and relevant blog content aligned with current trends, including pandemic-related topics such as masking during Covid, and perennial subjects like pelvic health.

This strategic alignment ensured an influx of local traffic, predominantly from the Fargo region, encompassing Fargo, West Fargo, Moorhead MN, and adjoining areas.

Furthermore, the articles also attracted patients from distant regions such as Minneapolis, Chicago, and New York City, exemplifying the geographical reach and impact of their content.

Organic SEO: Google Featured Snippets

Google Featured Snippets are an essential feature of Google’s search results that provide concise and direct answers to user queries. When a user searches for information, Google may display a snippet at the top of the search results, often using a box format, highlighting the most relevant information extracted from a webpage. These snippets aim to provide users with immediate answers without requiring them to click through to a specific website.

This feature is particularly important because it enhances the user’s search experience by presenting quick and convenient information directly on the search engine results page (SERP).

Google Featured Snippet example
Google Featured Snippet example

Organic SEO: A Huge Part of their Success

With focused keywords ranking high for their core services and offerings for local and national ranking keywords. Content is a huge part of the success of keywords.

We focus on creating content and linking back to important pages for these keywords. We like to focus on local rankings for pages and services offered in their local areas of service. These cities in Fargo, Jamestown, LaMoure North Dakota.

Google SERPs for Apex PT

Successful Search Term Rankings

physical therapy clinics near me1
pelvic rehab near me2
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jamestown physical therapy3
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pelvic pain after exercise6
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jaw pain from wearing mask13

Strategic Growth

Optimized articles led to a substantial traffic surge, with a remarkable 375% spike in an older article’s performance, showcasing the efficacy of content optimization. 

Google My Business & Local Map Pack

Apex’s success in organic SEO stemmed from strategic keyword optimization, with a focus on local and national ranking keywords. The center emphasized creating content tailored to local services, leveraging the success of keywords to bolster their rankings. Furthermore, their prominence on the Google My Business local map pack greatly enhanced their visibility and accessibility to potential clients.

Google Map Pack for Apex

Email List Growth

Our email list growth for the past year. We’ve implemented opt-ins online, as well as sign ups during live events and tradeshows held at their location. New patients are also added to the email list. As you can see steady growth for the past year. We email a monthly newsletter, a product of the month and invites & reminders for upcoming events.

Open and Click rates

Social Media Growth

Focused sharing of blog content, educational information, promotions, and events on social media platforms fortified Apex’s engagement on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The engaged demographic—predominantly female patients in their mid-30s to mid-40s—reflected the core patient base and specialties offered by Apex, notably women’s pelvic health. Their social media traffic predominantly stems from their local base in Fargo, showcasing regional engagement. 

Email engagement rates

Crushing the Competition

Ranking high is important for driving traffic to your website and increasing patients. Apex ranks higher and drives more traffic then their local competition.

This comprehensive assessment of the collaborative journey between Apex Physical Therapy & Wellness and Nufire Marketing delineates the synergy between strategic content, targeted advertising, and audience engagement strategies, positioning Apex as a dominant force in the healthcare landscape. This journey underscores the potential for businesses to thrive through holistic and strategic digital marketing partnerships.

Crushing the competition with Nufire Collective

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