Starting your own business and striking out on your own isn’t only overwhelming, but intimidating.

Everyone feels it, but how do the people that cross the finish line do it? While financials, planning, and time all come into play here, I truly believe the core answer to this question is CONFIDENCE. It’s essential to any business that you have the confidence to make the sale, smart investments and decisions, and not to mention hiring the right team.

The first stepping stone is the same for everyone – you must first believe you can do it. 

To grow your own business, you must also grow yourself. Understand and formulate your beliefs, thoughts, ideals, values, abilities, and CONFIDENCE. Do you know how I know you CAN do this? Businesses start everyday, so why can’t you? You are no different from them. I know you are smart, capable, and passionate. It’s time you believed this too.

My Start as an Entrepreneur

I started my career as a graphic designer. I had no formal business training, even though I always had an entrepreneurial spirit and drive. I guess that came from growing up on a dairy farm. So when I landed my first job in North Dakota in corporate America, I found I hated working in that environment. So I started planning my next career change that would lead me to creating Nufire Marketing just two years later. Starting a business is HARD. It can be lonely, exciting, frustrating, and rewarding all within the same week. In the beginning, I had months where I wasn’t sure where or when the money would come in, to being yelled at by a client who sold nothing and was blaming me for taking on the wrong sort of client just because we needed the money. If you’re experiencing this same type of event, or finding yourself crying or hopeless at the end of the day, please reach out to me. I understand and please know you have the power to change your situation. 

In our marketing company, we stopped working with brand-new businesses. Why? They didn’t know who they were, who they were marketing to, and rarely saw the reality of marketing clearly. They would offer us low-budgets, with high expectations for success, and the clients had no time to communicate. Because they were doing all the tasks that the business required of them. I hated hearing clients confess to me that they were burnt out or they were out of money and we were their last hope. I became a business coach to assist businesses to grow and know who they were before spending money on marketing. 

I realized after a few years of coaching businesses on everything from their purpose to their financials, that I wanted to develop a program for the business owner to live a life of purpose by understanding who they are so they can have the courage to take action and the CONFIDENCE to lead. And Rebrand You was born. 

Now, after 15 years in business, I still run Nufire Marketing but my true passion lies within Rebrand You Coaching and business strategy. 

Leaning Into Challenges

Mirroring our personal lives, our professional ones have challenges too, like some of the obstacles you read about in my story. Bumps in the road, unforeseen issues, leaks, money loss… all of which seem extremely devastating at the time but can be managed with a bit of grit and grace. Facing the music is something we all have experienced in life but it’s when we learn that we can change the melody that we start truly connecting with the power behind the confidence we hold. When we recognize we know the solution, can design a better system, or streamline communications because we are smart enough, qualified enough, and confident enough in our ability to impact the outcome… we win. We appreciate the challenges we had for the lessons we learned. The lesson being that we are enough… enough to overcome and succeed. It may seem tough, sometimes insurmountably so, but finding the courage to believe in yourself will only prove you are worthy of greatness. Accept the good with the bad, you will be all the better for it – I promise.

You Earned It!

Each and every step of creating and maintaining your business is a lot of dedicated passion and hard work. So it comes naturally to say we need to celebrate that hard work, including the baby-steps we took along the way because each of those tiny tiptoes forward adds up and accumulates into leaps and bounds of progress. You fought off doubt and his angry buddies to merely try something new. By bringing your ideas to life, you can see hope for the future, no matter the initial outcome.

So, dance it up, sing it loud, and “treat yo’self” because you and your business earned it!

Article By: Amy Nubson

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Finding my voice made me feel at home… made me feel calm.

– Amy Nubson