Finding Your Voice:

Overcoming Anxiety and Fear of Rejection with Power Statements, Accepting Compliments, and Showing Up

Everyone is born with the ability to speak, but it is the development of this ability that turns it into an innate skill set that can connect, share, impact, and grow others. Your voice is more than just a tool for communication; it is an expression of who you are, your experiences, and your values.

We all have unique stories ready to be told

The first step in committing to personal and professional speech improvement is acknowledging that you have something to say. Whether it’s an idea, a message, or a story, your voice is unique, and it deserves to be heard. But at the heart of your story’s passion is your “why.”

Why do you want your experience, discovery, vision, or storyline to be heard? What drives you to speak up and share your message with others? Finding your “why” is a crucial step in unlocking the full potential of your voice.

Finding a way to express yourself with influence and authenticity

With our Your Voice Masterclass webinar series, we will explore the journey to finding your voice and the importance of identifying your “why.” We will provide practical tips and exercises to help you improve your speech, connect with your audience, and deliver a powerful message.

Stories impact your life: As a Public Speaker, Business Owner, Manager, Executive, Community Leader

Whether you’re a public speaker, a business owner, or simply looking to improve your communication skills, this webinar is for you. We believe that everyone has the potential to become a confident, effective, and impactful communicator, and we’re here to help you on that journey.

Get access to Your Voice Masterclass webinars, and let’s explore the power of your voice together.

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Article By: Amy Nubson

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Finding my voice made me feel at home… made me feel calm.

– Amy Nubson