Four Steps to Rediscovery

It starts by being excited and driven by your values and passion projects but finding our purpose can go beyond the things we enjoy doing or care about. It is about energy, inner-drive, and finding that sweet spot of happiness we like to call “fulfillment”. It’s what fulfills us in this moment in our lives. What fulfilled you in your twenties may no longer have a place in your heart by the time you’re thirty, forty, fifty…. 

And that is ok. It’s to be expected because as humans we are always growing, changing, and evolving – so what makes us feel fully appreciated and purposeful may change. As you define your purpose for the first time or are adapting it, just know that it’s possible and rewarding to put words to what you’re looking for.

Are you ready to look and see what is driving you and brings you joy?

Here are four steps you can start within finding and re-finding your purpose:

Step 1 | Listen to your inner voice – it’s trying to tell you something.

When is the last time you really stopped and listen to what we have been trying to tell ourselves with love and compassion?

Listen to it all, the positive and negative, write it all out. The goal is not to shame or judge what you write. See what it is you are trying to convince yourself that you should do. Those are usually ideas that others have put upon us but don’t really t drive us. So what if you went to law school but hate being a lawyer and now feel like you should open your own practice because it’s expected?  You don’t have to! I know of many lawyers who are successful business owners who are no longer practicing law but use what they know and learned to enhance what they love doing. Start seeing the difference in the message and overall tone of your inner voice. Check to see if it’s fear that wants to silence it. I encourage you to take some time journaling this step.

Step 2 | What drives you to succeed? How do you define success?

Paying attention to what gets your blood pumping and your inner gears moving is how we discover what drives us. Just like fear can motivate you, so can adrenaline. Adrenaline is created from things that excite us, motivate us and it will gently push us to success. But before we get too comfortable with that word “success”, I want you to define what that word means to you. What does it look like to be successful? When in your past can you remember feeling success and why? It’s helpful to measure our wins against expectations we set – not one set by others.

Step 3 | What energizes you?

A lot of times we confuse our interests with our purpose. I love and am energized by reggae music but my purpose isn’t to become a reggae performer. Performing and music isn’t a part of my talents and I’m ok with that. One way to identify your purpose over a passion project is to measure your energy levels – are you gaining energy or losing it with said activity? If you are losing it – it aint your purpose. If you are gaining energy, sign yourself up for that ride all day long because you found your purpose. For me going to an office and working 9-5 is draining. But being free to come and go and set my own schedule so I can travel and move around the US is energizing. 10 years ago, I built this into my life and every opportunity that comes up, needs to fit this lifestyle. What brings you energy and how can you build that into your purpose and/or life.

Step 4 | Make a bird’s-eye-view plan.

Now that you have your idea, make a generalized POA (plan of action). It’s normal to not know all the details or inner-workings of your new field of interest – don’t let that stop you from pursuing your purpose. Instead, by drafting a bird’s-eye-view plan you are outlining your general path of persistence and actions to take next.

Taking these first four steps is a huge feat in itself – be proud of the commitment you’ve made to your own personal fulfillment! 

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Article By: Amy Nubson

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Finding my voice made me feel at home… made me feel calm.

– Amy Nubson