Update your DMARC on your domain to stay compliant

Update Your Domain Name Records for DMARC Standards

Discover the importance of updating domain name records for DMARC standards in medical marketing. Learn why companies like Google and Microsoft require this update and how it improves email deliverability and safeguards your brand.

A Quick and Easy Guide for Password Security

A Guide for Password Security

The importance of frequently changing passwords for better security. It uses amusing metaphors to highlight the risks of using the same password for a long time and encourages readers to become “password chameleons.” By changing passwords regularly users can keep hackers guessing.

Make your Website ADA Compliant

Why making your website ADA compliant is crucial for inclusivity, accessibility, and SEO. Get insights on the benefits and steps to ensure your website meets ADA standards.

Traffic bots can mess with your analytics

Does your website have an unexplained spike of traffic in Google Analytics?

Domain Name Scammers

Spam comes because of a site called “WHOIS,” a public-information database that is used by spammers.

Why do I need website hosting?

I have a website, but why and what does website hosting do?