Something Old, Something New, Something to Cherish To and From You

The gold embossed paper falls to the floor and your jaw drops with it. Your eyes light with intrigue; a fire rekindles behind your glowing irises as you lift the present to indulge your other senses. It smells as sweet as it looks, like floral sugar if there were such a thing. It’s velvet soft on the front side with smooth, slippery hexagons of pattern on the back – another visual odyssey that illuminates its thoughtful production. 

Someone knew just what you needed… stimulation of curiosity; creativity; innovation. 

An invitation to make from it what you need most. Ever-evolving versatility that easily transforms with you in life. Maybe it’s in the form of support or comfort, or perhaps time away to get lost in your own thoughts again. 

The tag reads “to you, from you”, and it’s just what you needed!

Time for Reflection

Whatever this is – it’s something we all need. A gift by us, for us, when we need it. Giving ourselves gifts throughout the year is not something many of us remember to do, but it’s something so necessary. These gifts remind us to refocus our attention inward from time to time, to reconnect and grow the relationship with ourselves. The best part about these personal little pick-me-ups is that they can come in any form, physical or metaphysical, whichever you choose to nourish your mind, heart, and soul with. 

It could be something as simple as a self-care check-in, an evening bubble bath, or taking the time to watch your favorite movie without interruption. For me, one of the nicest things I can do for myself is to cozy up with a hot cup of London Fog tea with a new fictional thriller from my bookshelf. Other times it’s a new pack of pens or a scented candle as I listen to a meditation. 

Perhaps that relaxing bath fits the bill for tonight; what a wonderful opportunity to self-reflect and reconnect! Reflecting back on your day, your experience, your reactions, thoughts, and feelings sheds light on the why’s, who’s and what’s in your story and many times will present to us the perfect present for us – one that keeps us growing and glowing.

Make Investing in you a Habit

Think about all those tomorrows and how you can continue to show yourself the love and appreciation you deserve throughout the year. Try marking your calendars for self-gifting days or fill them with day- dates with just you! Maybe attending a class, event, seminars, or getting away for an excursion is how you’ll choose to invest in yourself. Whatever your method, start the habit of giving back to yourself on a regular basis, because you truly are worth it!  

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Article By: Amy Nubson

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– Amy Nubson