Its you year ALL Year!

January 1st has come and gone; in fact, most of the month has already slipped through our fingertips like the melted butter corrupting our proposed diet. But you haven’t started work towards your New Year’s resolutions (your YOU Year) yet. And you know what I have to say to that? So what! That’s right, so what? So what if you didn’t start stepping towards progress on the first of this month, or the first of ANY month?

Your purpose and abilities don’t run on some man-made calendar nor do they tick away with the clock mounted on your wall. This is your time… your time to take back your power, your voice, and your life but there’s no ribbon cutting or finish line you’re racing off to.

There Is No Magical Start Date

You can start your journey at ANY point in your life. ANY age. ANY day of the week. ANY time of day. ANYwhere in the world. The magic starts the day you take action.

You are in control of pushing the start button and when you do there’s going to ebb and flows in your energies and commitments… It’s normal. It doesn’t mean you won’t succeed. It just means you are human.

Some things you can do to prepare yourself for that masterful button-push include:

Clearing Out the Clutter

Out with the old- more room for the NEW!

Paperwork Push

Pushing through some of life’s required documents seems so boring; hence why so many of us procrastinate on this. BUT, if you get it out of the way BEFORE your YOU year, you will feel the positive impact a clean slate offers with time and mental health management. (It also can save your wallet some too!) 

Reviewing Your Year

Dig deep and review the past year so you can recognize where you’d like to see yourself and life progress in the year to come.

Locking-Down Logistics 

You will feel more relaxed and able to concentrate when you’re where you need to be with all of the logistical headaches already out of the way. Plan for next year’s moments!

Taking Some Time 

Now that you’ve locked down and crossed off a lot of the new year’s stressors already, take some time to regenerate yourself. Mental + Emotional Balance = Harmony. Want harmony? I do! 

Don’t fret or kick yourself for “a late start” because, well, there is no such thing as a late start when it comes to reconnecting with your authentic self and finding your passion and zest for life. 

Repeating myself is definitely worthwhile here….It’s NEVER too late to start your journey back to YOU! Don’t let the calendar decipher that for you – leave that to the small voice inside pushing forward to break free. Take these prep steps when you are ready and I will see you on the path to freedom and fulfillment!

Article By: Amy Nubson

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Finding my voice made me feel at home… made me feel calm.

– Amy Nubson