Are you ready to find your story and express your voice?

Co-creators, Rob Verhelst, Global Keynote Speaker, Mindset Performance Coach, Firefighter, and CEO of Verhelst Success Network, and Amy Nubson, Fulfillment Coach, Rebrand You program mastermind, and owner of Nufire Marketing, have joined forces and expertise to bring you to your next level of communication, connection, and confidence.

The power of your personal stories can be used to educate, engage, entertain, and invite others into your experiences. Your Voice helps you not only identify the impact moments that become a part of your own personal mental memoir but how to formulate your words, the emotions behind them, in order to deliver your intended influence and results.

Whether you’re looking to pitch/market for an idea or product you’ve come up with, become a leader at work, or create a keynote that delivers an impact and connection to the audience. No matter what your intended outcome, Your Voice Masterclass will guide you through the imperfection that is life to inspirational empowerment.

Discover your story and lead your life with confidence in Your Voice Masterclass

In Person Masterclasses

Crafting a thriving brand can be a challenging undertaking, particularly when seeking clarity about your identity and objectives. Attaining self-awareness is key in developing an authentic brand that accurately represents who you are and effectively communicates it to the world.

Self-Paced Online Programs

After you get the clarity you need, it’s time to develop the courage to step up and show up as yourself – consistently!

Taking action is usually the most challenging part for most people due to fear.

1 on 1 Focused Coaching

Having the confidence to consistently show up and believe in yourself is crucial for your journey. Embrace each day with enthusiasm, welcoming both the challenges and rewards it presents. When you exude confidence, you become more responsive, approachable, and attentive to those around you.

Speaking Coach Amy Nubson

Amy created a process to help her get through this challenging time. She crafted the words and stories from the experience this process she created as she navigated her life after a life-changing event that almost caused her to lose everything. As she worked through her own healing journey as life threw one curveball after another, Amy’s voice began to develop and be heard. The stories that were always there, just waiting to be told and Amy seized the moment. The process sparked the creation of Rebrand You an eight-week program that focuses on Clarity, Courage, and Confidence. Based on her journey of self-discovery to find her inner voice.

Amy found the courage she needed to take action in her life again, found her voice, and is passionate to work with others to find their own courage to develop their voice.

Speaking Coach Fireman Rob

Rob is a dynamic storyteller with a unique and iconic tale that brings audiences to life and on their feet. Aside from Your Voice, he continues inspiring the global community through his work as Fireman Rob, where he speaks, leads professional trainings, competes in Ironman races while wearing 50 lbs. of firefighter gear, breaks World Records, and delivers bears to children in hospitals throughout the globe.

As an impact leader and in-demand human performance coach, Fireman Rob impacts lives through truly living and emphatically believing that there are no challenges or fears that cannot be overcome with the power of purpose and a strong mindset. His clients range from Fortune companies to community groups to colleges with notables including 3M, US Bank, Southwest Airlines, ATF, Timex, USA Triathlon, and Kraft.

Fire Man Rob


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